Personal Readings

I absolutely love doing one on one readings! Whether in person, over the phone, or by email I find now matter how the reading is performed it is always very powerful and can bring significant insight into whatever challenges are presenting themselves currently or reveal past blockages that may be holding one back from their optimal potential. The messages are friends and reminders, but not concrete predictions. How we move forward through life is never predetermined, and is always influenced by our choices. I work with four different decks of cards; angels, animals, crystals and fairies. I then create a custom ‘personal manifesto’ or ‘poetic documentation’ of the reading on my typewriter in which you can walk away with or receive in the mail following our session. Therefore you can keep the insight handy and visit it often to stay inspired toward your insights. Please fill out the information below if you are interested in a personal reading and I will quickly respond to your inquiry!