Creative Exercise

So we understand we must exercise our thighs but what about our mind? What about our creativity? Our ass isn’t the only thing that should become curvy. It’s so superficial to only navigate the external look of the body. What about that cellulite upon your creativity? Wouldn’t it be cool to tone that? Like anything else, unused – it is weakening. It deserves your attention.

Do you think your not so great? Not a fantastic enough artist to disgrace a blank page to put upon it a stroke of anything less than genius? When did this genius complex start anyway?

When did we have to be the best, or number one, or fully understand something to try it? As children we would try anything willingly – at least once. Creativity should be contained with a heap of wonder and a large portion of curiosity. If that is hard, that means you need to push through it more. Attempt to use your imagination, even if it’s dusty.

We save our passionate drive like turbo power. We wait for that ‘thing’ (or more commonly and unfortunately, ‘person’) and hone in on it steadfast and use every ounce of spontaneous thinking to accomplish what we’re after. But we shouldn’t covet this readily available resource; creative thinking. Focused enthusiasm. We can conjure it up  at any time.

The more creative we are. The more creative we become. Like yoga. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. That’s not the point. Doing yoga naturally makes you more flexible. By doing it. It happens. Stretch out your creativity. Make it work. Feel how tight it is. Let it loosen up with your movement and exploration.

Start an art project. Build something. Conceive the beginning stages of something you have no idea how to do. You don’t loose it by using it. You get better. And better. Until it becomes more natural. Like a refined skill set. If you think you suck, that’s good to be aware of. Because that isn’t the truth (or a problem with your creativity), that is the internal dialogue that is happening all throughout the day without you realizing it. Bring attention to it. Push through it. Learn something you didn’t know before. And see it change what you believe to be possible.

Coming Undone

I unzip my chest like I unzip my jacket.

Bumblebees, butterflies and lions dwell in somber living; I come undone in an attempt to come back together, stronger. Like broken pottery returning it’s pieces together with a seal of gold. We can’t save each other, we can only save ourselves and show how beautiful and rewarding that process can be if we begin – and if we see it through. If we become dedicated and disciplined. If we choose devotion over despair. Love through surrender and water upon flame, cooling the parts of ourselves that are overheated and singed.

Our own power. Our greatest threat – becoming self-responsible. It’s seems like we’ll take the world down in an effort to avoid this reality. “No, it’s him. Him. Him! It’s not me.”

We throw ourselves at others in an attempt to rescue, rescue, rescue. We try to become a hero in the eyes of our community and loved ones, knocking at the doors of validity like we’ve been locked out. And we’re beginning to panic.

Quiet, darling. It’s not your door.

When we move on we feel like we are leaving things behind, like we’re abandoning a part of ourselves. Cut off, it’s still twitching like a tail or the body of a chicken and we can’t tell if it’s more awkward to collect it or walk away. When life turns into chasing an out of control football, it just gets weird. Perhaps I would be more critical if it didn’t get weird, I believe our complacency will challenge our peace more than anything. Learning not to step into fear for being frightened and timidness in doing things anyways despite the sensation will limit our compassion and the ability to believe and trust that things truly do work out in the end.

Our doubt has been left out too long and it’s becoming sticky, and a trap for some. How do we undress and stay proper at the same time? How do we combine manners and respect with our spontaneity and our wildness while at the same time try to sprinkle in a little bit of humor? Or a lot. I can’t judge your appetite.

So serious about our seriousness that it’s seriously sterilizing. In a time that doesn’t seem laughable, I crave it. I have to seek it out or try to initiate it, or  at least let it happen. ESPECIALLY if it is at myself.

Make a bad joke. Take that chance, push comes to shove you at least get a smile. Hopefully. I’m staying hope-full. No time is wasted anticipating positive results. It’s when we waste our time with worry and freight that it becomes impossible to live.

Do not give that up. The living. The breathing. The feeling of having a heart beat. Work up that heart beat, tire that body with something productive and rewarding. You will find naturally those thoughts of ours have less power afterwards. We need exertion, fresh air and a good friend to listen. If you have those things, celebrate them, if you don’t; find them. I guarantee they are closer and more accessible than you may realize. No one will look in your eyes and know what you are thinking. We must ask for what we need. And everyone’s needs are different – but we are human. And in many ways our needs are similar and basic.

Find places where you can come undone. Where you can lay down your complications and exist in a moment of pure presence. Notice you’re environment. Feel your skin. These fleshy body suits can be heavy; don’t forget to unzip your deepest pockets, drop whatever shit you find – and become Light.

Let’s share our pain, yes yes. Let’s explore the darkness, yes yes. But let’s never forget what and WHO WE ARE. White light. Human prisms. Warriors in the form of candles. Soft and able. Stars with a pulse.

The Importance of Single Minded Focus

Most often than not time seems to be an illusive and scarce commodity. Between work, family dedications, school, learning a new trade, investing in a hobby, taking time for friends, and trying to fit in the crucial and overlooked amount of solitude that is necessary for human growth and processing – we get unintentionally swamped living in endless yesterdays, ghostly tomorrows and the cyclical and ruthless game of multitasking. It’s a terrifying concoction when our minds never seem to rest and our bodies feel the same exhausted effects trying to keep up.

Mediation has now been scientifically studied. It is recommended by most health practitioners as well as suggested by leaders in the different studies of the mind, thought, emotion and universal connection. But what exactly is it? And how do you know you’re doing it right? There seems to be many different approaches, techniques and aims to starting a practice. Empty the mind. Become aware of your thoughts. Don’t react, just observe. Bring it back to your breath. Out of everything I have come to know and experience, the commonality seems to be about bringing your attention so fully upon one thing, that there is no distraction or alternative dialogue happening other than your own singularly directed attention.

Multitasking, no matter how much it appears tempting, hinders us from the effectiveness we’re capable of assuming. Our time, attention to detail, and thought-feeling-state are affected by our ability to be present and immersed in what’s at hand. It is important that there is no judgement or resistance toward the activity that we are doing whether it is spending time with children or doing the dishes; it should be done in a state of pure focus.

The breath is where we start. It is the deepest bond we can establish with our attention and it’s a feeling center that we can take with us anywhere we go. It is especially important in moments of frustration and perseverance. Learning to slow down and renavigate the attention from thought to observation of the breath (especially in moments of great pain or blissful admiration where it seems happens automatically) can lead to an ability to find a silence that was once a natural state. Where the chatter of who we think we are and our relationship to the world falls mute. Our potential and limitations subside. And our past and our future are no longer controlling our beliefs. All of these fall away when we release focus on them and allow the magnetic pull of our attention to go else where. Somewhere much more simple and connected with our eternity. Like the breath.

I guess what I’m trying to say is for a long time I convinced myself I was focused, when I wasn’t. I convinced myself I could accomplish all I set out to do in a day, with never really having the ability to effectively prioritize. It was like I was spinning my tires and rocks were just flying up everywhere and I felt like somehow that was productive. Can we do many things? Yes. Can we accomplish a lot? Yes. But even when we are doing many things, still it is only one thing in that moment at a time. When there is completion, it is then on to the next. We look around in a society of convenience and everything is sold to us under the impression that it will ‘buy’ us more time. In a way, that’s exactly their marketing strategy. But only your attention can buy you more time – because time is an influential and stretchy substance. It is affected directly by our thoughts and our feelings towards it. So this means 5 or 10 fully conscious minutes can feel much, much longer. It means we must learn how to truly focus and let go of the narrative of thoughts that wants to borrow our energy and keep up less productive. When you can concentrate on something so fully that you can not separate yourself from it you have this complete sensation of being alive. And it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, what follows is joy, peace and understanding. These feelings let us know when we are in alignment. As soon as we develop patience with ourselves and see that time is a natural process that can be influenced by our ability to be present, the way we interact with others and the world begins to change. Single Minded Focus is important because it’s where we come back home to ourselves. Again and again. We may stray, but it’s about bringing it back to the breath.

I encourage starting a practice everyday for just 11 minutes. Allowing attention to be invited to the breath. When it strays, bring it back. If anything arises in thought, simply let it be, let it go. And bring the attention back to the breath. One of the first things we can experience is our uncomfortable and chronic internal dialogue, and that’s okay. With time you will find space. Focusing in that space will create more space. You will indeed find a control in which before felt like chaos. And the irony is that even that control is simply a complete surrender. In this space you are not broken. You are not damaged. You are not anything that has held a chapter or voice in your story. You are pure spirit. Whole. Integrated. Loving. Kind. Willing. Able. Connected.

This is why Single Minded Focus is so important. To remember and reunite with who we really are. Light beings existing temporarily in the kinetic matrix of space and time.


The launch of a dream

Well, what a journey the last couple years have been. Absolutely!

From teaching, to working, to learning, to growing, to failing, to stumbling, to healing, to rising, to getting back up and doing it all over again. It has been fun. And painful. Full of laughs as well and many tears. But overall – huge amounts of understanding for the nature of life, reality, and the beautiful revealing of the things we need most. At the exact moment we need them.

My new project is here. Me. In full expression.

I wish to write, I wish to create, I wish to share, I wish to facilitate this expansion process in others. This is my pretty solid attempt at revealing everything I do and everything that resides in the most honest parts of who I have come to be.

Poet. Writer. Facilitator. Healer.


I’m so excited about the projects to come and the topics we will cover here.

In Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Crystal Sloan