Creative Exercise

So we understand we must exercise our thighs but what about our mind? What about our creativity? Our ass isn’t the only thing that should become curvy. It’s so superficial to only navigate the external look of the body. What about that cellulite upon your creativity? Wouldn’t it be cool to tone that? Like anything else, unused – it is weakening. It deserves your attention.

Do you think your not so great? Not a fantastic enough artist to disgrace a blank page to put upon it a stroke of anything less than genius? When did this genius complex start anyway?

When did we have to be the best, or number one, or fully understand something to try it? As children we would try anything willingly – at least once. Creativity should be contained with a heap of wonder and a large portion of curiosity. If that is hard, that means you need to push through it more. Attempt to use your imagination, even if it’s dusty.

We save our passionate drive like turbo power. We wait for that ‘thing’ (or more commonly and unfortunately, ‘person’) and hone in on it steadfast and use every ounce of spontaneous thinking to accomplish what we’re after. But we shouldn’t covet this readily available resource; creative thinking. Focused enthusiasm. We can conjure it up  at any time.

The more creative we are. The more creative we become. Like yoga. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. That’s not the point. Doing yoga naturally makes you more flexible. By doing it. It happens. Stretch out your creativity. Make it work. Feel how tight it is. Let it loosen up with your movement and exploration.

Start an art project. Build something. Conceive the beginning stages of something you have no idea how to do. You don’t loose it by using it. You get better. And better. Until it becomes more natural. Like a refined skill set. If you think you suck, that’s good to be aware of. Because that isn’t the truth (or a problem with your creativity), that is the internal dialogue that is happening all throughout the day without you realizing it. Bring attention to it. Push through it. Learn something you didn’t know before. And see it change what you believe to be possible.

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