The launch of a dream

Well, what a journey the last couple years have been. Absolutely!

From teaching, to working, to learning, to growing, to failing, to stumbling, to healing, to rising, to getting back up and doing it all over again. It has been fun. And painful. Full of laughs as well and many tears. But overall – huge amounts of understanding for the nature of life, reality, and the beautiful revealing of the things we need most. At the exact moment we need them.

My new project is here. Me. In full expression.

I wish to write, I wish to create, I wish to share, I wish to facilitate this expansion process in others. This is my pretty solid attempt at revealing everything I do and everything that resides in the most honest parts of who I have come to be.

Poet. Writer. Facilitator. Healer.


I’m so excited about the projects to come and the topics we will cover here.

In Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Crystal Sloan

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